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Critical Review: Hornstein (1992) & Heather (1976)

Hornstein’s (1992) ‘The return of the repressed’ examines the effects and influences psychoanalysis had on experimental psychology. Psychologists went to countless efforts to defend their beliefs that psychology was the established science of the mind. However psychoanalysis bought a radically subjective approach in their explanations of the mind. The conflict between psychology and psychoanalysis in [...]

How to Write a Good Psychology Thesis

How to write a good psychology thesis without pulling out all your hair – start with an outline that defines your needs for your paper. Start small – Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and then add more detail – Introduction, short list of what will be in the paper, short introduction to the topic, topic statement, organization [...]

How to Write a Good Psychology Dissertation

Writing a good Psychology dissertation does take time and effort; however, using solid organizational skills you can develop your dissertation in a timely manner. First, you will need to determine what topic or subject you will select. Second, determine a problem you would like to investigate from the topic or subject you selected. Third, you [...]