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Paper on “Should Girls Be Allowed to Play on Boys Sports Teams?”

Forty-nine years ago, eight-year old Nancy Lotsey caused a stir after helping her baseball team clinch the New Jersey Small-Fry League Championship. The young pitcher had hit a home run that struck out three batsmen from the opposing side (McDonagh and Pappano 206). Remarkably, Lotsey was the only female player in her team. This example [...]

Children learn best by observing the behavior of adults and copying it.

Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer Fifty years ago, I would have agreed with the statement that ‘children learn best by observing the behavior of adults and copying it’ but in 2012 I would have to disagree with it, since it is now a very dangerous way [...]

Why Do People Play Practical Jokes?

One of the main reasons people play practical jokes is to make themselves and others laugh. These entertainers enjoy plotting their prank, watching the scene unfold and observing the reactions of the unsuspecting victim as well as their audience. Laughter has many benefits; it lifts a person’s mood, unites a group of people and there [...]

Should a Person Tell His or Her Spouse about Past Love Affairs?

Past love affairs are often a source of pain and unpleasant memories, and generally not a choice topic of conversation between spouses. Yet relationships as committed as one between two spouses require certain key ingredients to achieve success. Three of these important ingredients are communication, trust and respect. The ability and willingness to be open [...]

Prenuptial Agreement or Right Living, Which Do You Need?

Everyone’s life path contains twists, turns, mountains and valleys. In fact, without this dichotomy how would we know happy from sad? But where, you ask yourself, does a prenuptial agreement fit into my upcoming happy marriage? The answer for the majority is simple: nowhere. Prenuptial Agreements evolved from dowry (property and/or money) arrangements and wife/spousal [...]