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Examining closely both the relationship and difference between Psychology and Biology brings forth the understanding of knowledge needed to comprehend various subdivisions of science. Biology is broken down into countless subdivisions, helping with the understanding of numerous questions in life, from the behavior of the brain to the formation of the first organism. Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and the factors that influence it. The science of psychology relates to nearly every aspect of our lives. It explores the nature and causes of our behavior and feelings, our motives and thoughts. Biology is the study of living organisms and how they evolved from period to period.

There are many contrasts between the study of psychology and biology, creating the different subdivisions in science. Psychology plays an important role in solving human problems and promoting the welfare of the inhabitants of this complex and rapidly changing world. The field is closely allied with such disciplines as anthropology and sociology in its concerns with social and environmental influences on behavior.

The basic goals of psychological research and applications are to describe how people and other animals behave to understand the causes of these behaviors to predict how people and animals will behave under certain conditions and to control behavior through knowledge. Scientists and researchers study the act of behavior to learn more about the animals and their way of life. What goes on inside of our brain, the way we remember things, and the way we forget them all coincides with psychology and the study of behavior. Biology basis itself on the scientific study of animals. The way animals function, live, reproduce, and interact inspires people to keep searching for unknown answers. The scientific study of animal diversity has two major goals. The first is to find truth in all hypotheses, helping us to understand where these animals came from. Second is to gather evidence uniting these animals to create evolutionary history. Psychology and Biology have many similarities starting at there higher division, which is science. Psychology is closely allied with biology in the study of the physiological basis of behavior. Psychology originates from biology, creating a higher study of evolution in human beings. The biological perspective views humans as complex animals and focuses on physiological influences on behavior. Darwin’s theory of evolution popularized the concept of natural selection.

Psychology focuses on the method in which mental functions may have evolved in humans and how they affect people’s lives today. Psychologist specialize in countless sub fields and work in many different settings, just as biologists do so. Biologists break down into animal diversity and there way of life, not focusing on only one thing. Science has essential characteristics, some can relate to either psychology or biology; it is guided by natural law, it has to be explanatory by references to natural law, it is testable against empirical world, its conclusions are tentative, and it is falsifiable. Both psychology and biology are the study of something beyond what the eye sees. A scientist has to look deeper into each phenomenon and discover the natural occurrence which took place.

Both relating and differentiating between psychology and biology brings forth the knowledge needed to understand the various subdivisions of science. The knowledge of the two different sciences together, conveys that they are both very much alike. Showing the difference between the two sciences creates an obvious diversity, one focusing stronger on an individual subject. Biology focuses more on the study of animals and the way they adapt and evolve in the world. Biology can only explain some of the numerous unsolved mysteries of how sea animals evolved into land living animals. Psychology’s focal point is related more on the topic of the body and brain of a human being. Psychology illustrates how each part of a person’s body works and what effect it has on the outcome of everyday life. Psychology explains how people interact with certain things, causing an effect on there body. Any questions or misinterpretation can be explained by scientific explanation, leaving very little to someone’s imagination.

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