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Does Age Matter in a Relationship Essay

In a modern world, relationship is based on compatibility set by individual standards. More often personal preference becomes a statement of individuality from which choices were made based on how people meet each other’s standards. In terms of age, the majority of the society believes that when someone enters a relationship it has to be within the social norms. However, a few individuals have a more unusual approach when it comes to choosing a partner. The society sees a relationship as normal when couples are within the same age group, but when one is too old or too young for their partner it is often considered taboo (Walden, 2010). This is because the society has learned to set a standard by which the appropriateness of a relationship is often associated to age instead of emotional attachment. It is true that age is of great importance (Mccullough, 2009) when it comes to relationship, but most people are forgetting the most essential elements of a relationship that brings a couple together and those are emotions and feelings.

Age matters in relationships in two different contexts. First, it matters because relationship involves understanding. Understanding requires great deal of wisdom and maturity; understanding is considered a gift of maturity which can be achieved by going through long years of life experiences (Nooshin, 2009). When partners are mature enough to understand the complexities of life it is easier for them to keep the relationship intact, no matter what challenges they face. This is because the mature partner basically knows his/her way around in almost every situation. On the other hand, age matters in a relationship because of social perception. There are instances when age gap is an issue when it comes to relationships; generally people are not used to seeing a couple that looks like a granddaughter and grandfather kissing in the park. However, regardless of age, relationship is essentially the result of a mutual understanding. It involves the most universal feeling that is love. Age gap in a relationship is not a matter of morality, but rather a justification of one of the characteristics of love and that is “love transcends all boundaries” (Greaves, 2011) regardless of age, race and gender. Therefore, age does not matter in a relationship.
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