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Essay on Clinical Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists specialise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of psychological and general health problems affecting children, adolescents, adults and families” (Grivas 2000).

All of us have problems at some time. There is no escaping that in some cases
we might develop some emotion problems these can range from depression to personality disorders. This is were a clinical psychologist comes into the picture.

There work involves mainly of the assessment and the treatment of mental health problems.

These psychologists can help people greatly in many ways. They cannot use medical procedures but they use other methods which primarily involve talking and other verbal exercises. Clinical psychologists main aim is to the patience stress levels and make them feel as though there lives are meaningful. This can help a patience discover new hope and happiness. This in turn makes a clinical psychologist a helpful and productive member of society.

There have been many cases were people have gone to a clinical psychologist and found new views on there thoughts and feelings. A recent example of this situation is a personal case study of my own. My friend recently lost someone that she was very close to. She stopped work and stayed at home by herself sealing her thoughts and feelings to the people around her. She had been experiencing great depression and seeked the help of a psychologist to help her combat her depression. Also with the help of her family and friends she was able to continue work and regain her old life. This demonstrates how a clinical psychologist can help people in everyday life.

Everyday Clinical psychologist go to work. There work can make a difference in someone’s life through simple communication of speech and listening. These clinical psychologist can shape a persons thoughts, feelings and behaviour for the better. If a clinical psychologist can influence another person to make the right decisions, this then becomes important because it helps not only the person but the society as well.

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