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Essay On Earning Respect

It takes time to earn people’s respect, but it can take as little as five minutes to lose it. In order for someone to earn my respect, he or she must first have respect for oneself and respect others as well. One also has to act with integrity and professionalism, dress decently, know etiquette and use appropriate language at all times. I respect generous people, especially those who are generous towards the needy, jobless and homeless people in society. People who discriminate against others on the basis of race or color are disrespectful in my opinion and hence they can never earn my respect.

For leaders to earn my respect, they have to be confident and humble. I respect leaders who stand up for what they believe in. They do not have to be right at all times, but they have to be go-getters, honest and dependable. I also respect selfless leaders who always put the interest of others before their own. Leaders who abuse their leadership positions for their personal gain can never earn my respect. A respectable leader is one who leads by example, is incorruptible, accountable and has respect for others.

Respect is two-way; people who treat me with kindness and dignity also get the same treatment from me. I like to keep the company of people who inspire and motivate me to achieve my best. I respect such people as they have enabled me to unlock my highest potential in education, in my career and in life. I have also achieved a lot in life through hard work, perseverance and prayer. Consequently, I respect hardworking, strong-minded and god-fearing people.