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Future Profession Choice Essay Sample

Being a public officer is a type of job that requires a lot of attention, devotion and responsibility. Not every person can deal with all the pressure and take credit for his or her actions. Every undertaking held by a public worker is risky and can bring many unexpected consequences. But the worst of them would be the disapproval of people in case of a failure. They set their hopes on you and trust that you will do your best to help them with their problems. And naturally no one wants to let them down. Thus if you want to be a candidate for public office you have to possess strong leadership qualities, be a good team member, have the ability to work under stressful conditions and balance between your own ambitions and what would be better for other people. Only this way you can get the best results and gain respect.

When someone asks me I always say that I would definitely like to challenge myself and try to work for public office. From the day I can remember myself I always wanted to be a public representative and stand up for people’s rights. I realize how difficult this job can be sometimes but that does not scare me. The really important thing is the appreciation and gratitude you receive in return. For me realizing that you help people and change their lives is the best reward. Unfortunately, we can see and experience a lot of injustice in today’s world, so at some point it is very important to stand your ground and protect your beliefs. But there are also many occasions when people simply cannot do that by themselves. And this is when we turn to public officials. Their job is to represent the nation and make sure every person is treated according to his or her rights.