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How to Write a Good Psychology Dissertation

Writing a good Psychology dissertation does take time and effort; however, using solid organizational skills you can develop your dissertation in a timely manner. First, you will need to determine what topic or subject you will select. Second, determine a problem you would like to investigate from the topic or subject you selected. Third, you will develop research to define your problem. Many times the problem with Psychology dissertations becomes the organization of the dissertation. This is due to the amount of research that it takes to complete the work. A successful format of developing the research is to use tables in Word files.

For instance, you may determine that there are five research questions you will develop. Using a table, label the top row with columns that read: “Research question” and “Source.” In a separate document summarize the source and add in the properly formatted citation and reference documentation. If it is possible, such as from an online database, save a copy of the article or journal to your computer in a file that is named after the Psychology dissertation research question most applicable to the source documentation. Additionally, you may find it necessary to use different sources in your introduction and methodology chapters; you should make a separate file, document, and table for each of these chapters as well. This will allow you to quickly reference any sources and documentation you need while you write.

Finally, once you have gathered all your information for your Psychology dissertation paper, you can begin writing right into a Word document that you can format before you begin. Whether you use a template or create the document yourself, you will want to be certain that you do not skip any sections and that you always back up your files.

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