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How to Write a Good Psychology Thesis

How to write a good psychology thesis without pulling out all your hair – start with an outline that defines your needs for your paper. Start small – Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and then add more detail – Introduction, short list of what will be in the paper, short introduction to the topic, topic statement, organization of the thesis paper, hypothesis statements or research questions, and simply note these in the outline as you would like them to appear.

If your university provides you with a general outline, you can begin your paper by using a “fill-in-the-blank” method. Insert responses into each level of the paper. For example, you can write in that you will work on millennial influences on child rearing practices in the US, this will be your Psychology thesis topic. You may decide that you want to use information from the Millennial’s parents – baby boomer parental patterns. You may further define the two terms, as you will present them in the paper, possibly even accounting for new definitions of what family is and the changes in society with grandparents raising grandchildren due to broken households.

Next, you need to gather Psychology research while you fill in your outline, this will enable you to stay on track with both your research and your writing. Every article or study you find should be summarized and added to the body of your Psychology thesis paper under “Literature Review” – each one you summarize must be added to your source list so that you can easily locate it later. Additionally, be sure to add in-text citations with your summary, this will help you remember to add these later. Finally, if you go back through each section of the outline you will be able to maintain steady progress and complete your great psychology thesis paper.

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