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Many People Believe that Women Make Better Parents than Men

Gender is one of the most clearly evident features of human beings. For this reason, common knowledge often tends to create gender-related stereotypes. One of these is the claim that women make better parents than men just because of their natural, i.e. animal, instincts. However, in my life experience I have been observing parents and their offspring behave in a diverse range of manners, especially from an educational point of view. What I can assess is that male and female parents are shaped by the above cliché only when the surrounding culture traps them into such a sectorial “division of parenthood”: Father is supposed to work long hours, and mother is supposed to do laundry and cook dinner. In spite of that, I have often witnessed these stereotypical roles switch or blend, as both parents showed their own strong personality. This, like any deviation from a cultural mainstream, reflects on the kids and makes a decisive impact in their understanding of the world as they grow up.

The tough job of raising children is the one that needs to be shared by families: grandparents’ wisdom, relatives’ loving care, as well as parents’ guidance are all parts of a powerful tool, the family, which could let children develop their own interests and passions in a free and peaceful environment. For this reason, I do not subscribe to the view that either women or men are better parents. There are good and bad parents, regardless of their gender. And this is precisely the reason why there should be no limits to the creativity of forming a family, no laws sanctioning the sanctity of an artificial convention. Men and women are equally good at parenting, if they are able to perform their duties. A lack of capacity in being a parent cannot be blamed on gender.