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Memory and Dreams essay

In interpreting dreams I would have to agree with Freud and say that I do believe that dreams are meaningful. To people that disagree with me I will try to change your mind in the following analysis of what I have read and heard about dreaming, and from my own experiences which make up my personal opinion of the matter. We discussed the general definition of a dream, where we had several theories of what a dream really is. One conclusion was simply that a dream is just the brain getting rid of short-term memory. Another thing that we did was to view films of what people created in a computer technology class designing dream videos of what they thought was a dream. The class all agreed that the film with the most real life impressions was the one that was closest to a real dream. So if we can as a class agree to what a dream is and what it looks like how come we still can not agree to if dreams really mean something or not?

The brain is such a remarkable part of the human body it seems as if it will always be a mystery to us. One of the most interesting things that I read was that the brain makes it’s own painkiller called endorphins. The brain also makes anandamide, nitric oxide and other various chemicals. If the brain can do such amazing things, is it out of the question to think that you can make since out of your dreams to apply the events in your dreams to everyday life situations.

It is proven that intelligence doesn’t differ; by the size of the brain and also that different races don’t affect the intelligence of one’s brain. If you look at different cultures and compare their intelligence, one may be smarter because they make more effort, or that is what is expected in their culture. If you think of the human brain in terms of culture perhaps people don’t believe as much in dreams meaning something because it is not as acceptable as it was earlier in history. As humans we do not like to accept things unless we have reasonable cause and scientific evidence. Dreams are classified as unrealistic aspect of psychology; it is just a function the body performs during sleep.

People believed that the world was flat too until it was proven, so why should you believe in dreams until you have experienced one that you truly believes means something. To me dreams mean something because I can use events that occur in my dreams to apply to real life, make me consciously realize a situation I am going through needs to be resolved. I can’t really explain that to make you understand my point of view. The best way to get your own perspective is to analyze your own dreams. I can see how people could not disagree with me, there is not much evidence that says that dreams do really mean something, it is more of maybe a spiritual type thing. There are many explanations why dreams don’t have to mean something, however I am just sharing my point of view.

The brain stores categorizes memories . There are different types of memory: long term and short term . These qualities may affect why you dream about certain things more then others because the things you see make up your dreams, it is the actions that you can apply to real life in my opinion. Another idea is that long-term encoding of memories may occur when memories are activated during sleep. Long-term memory of sleep occurs in the Limbic system part of the brain. The activity in that area of the brain gives dreams emotional and sexual power. That is useful if you want to understand more thoroughly how the brain works during dreaming for what occurs where.

That is some information about my point of view on dreams. I hope that I have enlightened your perspective as well or at least brought some interesting aspects to your attention.

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