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Mental Abnormality

Diagnosis is the process of identifying a disease, and allocating it to a category on the basis of symptoms and signs. A classification system such as the DSM-IV version can be used to diagnose mental abnormality. Categorisation therefore is very important, as diagnosis using the classification system will bring about certain treatments, and if the [...]

Essay on Psychology Disorders

Between normality and abnormality there is a fine line that is based on personal opinions rather than having good reasons, where we may draw that line depends on how atypical, disturbing maladaptive and ingestible a persons behavior may be. Many people would agree that if someone who is too depressed to get out of bed [...]

Psychology of Agression

In what ways can a Sport Psychologist understand aggression in sport? Aggression is present in many sports across the world, which as a result of this has been of interest to psychologists for a long time. Aggression can be seen in all aspects of sport from professionals to armatures. One reason why aggression is apart [...]

How to Write a Good Psychology Research Paper

Today, in our discipline blog we are writing a good Psychology research paper. To begin we are going to define the key concepts – determine a topic, define your thesis statement, collect related research, write an outline, determine the format (APA, MLA, Turabian/Chicago), and begin the writing – a cohesive development of all that you [...]

How to Write a Good Psychology Essay

Looking for answers of how to write a good Psychology essay? It starts with a current study based on current classes you are taking. Writing a good Psychology essay will have applications of the material and your interpretations of the material. There are a number of fields in Psychology; however, Educational Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and [...]