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Mind vs. Medicine

Since as far back as when the great Greek Philosopher Aristotle studied the workings of human emotions, learning, and perception, scientists and doctors alike have been interested in the mysterious workings of the human mind. Across various nations, the studies of the brain developed and expanded as technology and science created new and innovated ways [...]

The Psychology of Death and Dying

Collectively, Americans seem to actively deny death as a natural occurrence in life. Just like our obsession with maintaining youthful appearances, we are fixated on maintaining unprecedented life spans, now a possibility through stem cell research and the potential future of widespread eugenics. Instead of acknowledging death, it becomes a taboo subject, occasionally brought up [...]

Psychology Paper Writing Tips

So if you are forced to write a paper on psychology – and you are struggling to write a good psychology paper – you will definitely need some psychology papers writing tips and tricks. Writing psychology papers is similar to writing papers on any other subjects but with a slight difference. The format of psychology [...]