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Psychology Observation Paper

It seems to be common knowledge that downtown Denver attracts a variety of colorful people. When I attended the University of Colorado at Denver in 2002, I had many encounters with several different people that left me scratching my head in confusion. I spent the bulk of my time in the library and that’s where [...]

Social Psychology Research Paper

Implicit Personality Theory – 1.1 Implicit personality theory is defined as something which makes people function as an individual. A particular form of implicit personality theory looks at how personality is structured and what traits tend to go together or cluster. This is referred to by Zebrowitz (1990) as ‘person type’.          Research has shown [...]

The Psychology of Death and Dying Essay

Collectively, Americans seem to actively deny death as a natural occurrence in life. Just like our obsession with maintaining youthful appearances, we are fixated on maintaining unprecedented life spans, now a possibility through stem cell research and the potential future of widespread eugenics. Instead of acknowledging death, it becomes a taboo subject, occasionally brought up [...]

Social Psychology Essay

In this essay we will determine whether social psychology is scientific by answering two questions. Firstly, we will need to ask whether social psychology has been able to use the principles or methods used in science in the study of social psychological phenomenon. However, it would be unreasonable to classify social psychology as scientific simply [...]

Critical Review: Hornstein (1992) & Heather (1976)

Hornstein’s (1992) ‘The return of the repressed’ examines the effects and influences psychoanalysis had on experimental psychology. Psychologists went to countless efforts to defend their beliefs that psychology was the established science of the mind. However psychoanalysis bought a radically subjective approach in their explanations of the mind. The conflict between psychology and psychoanalysis in [...]