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Psychology Mirror Tracing Lab Report

The purpose of this laboratory experiment was to determine how the learning of new hand-eye coordination took place when a pattern of a star was traced by looking at its mirror image. It was first hypothesized that trial and error learning would occur, in which, one learns by repeating the procedure numerous times. It was [...]

Psychology Experience

When I was eight years old, one night, I made rice, eggs, and cucumber soup and peeled and cut some fruit and had the table set with “dinner” for my parents. “Look Mom! I made you dinner!” I excitedly told her. I remember she walked over and hesitantly tasted a few things, and then saying [...]

Psychology: Skinner

Skinner makes few assumptions about human nature, but he does grant that each person inherits a genetic structure that yields both general characteristics of the human species an unique characteristics of the individual. In this topic we will discuss in comparison the theories associated withe Freud, Skinner, and Rogers. Their approaches to their theories and [...]

Cognitve Psychology

The way a child thinks has always interest me. A child goes through cognitive development as they mature and age. Actually being able to see first hand how a child thinks is amazing. I interviewed a three-year-old Hispanic male, an eleven-year-old Hispanic female, and a six-year-old Hispanic male. During each interview I spent time at [...]

Psychology essay

Psychology as defined in Segal and Kegan’s book on psychology is the “systematic study of behavior and mental process – including thought and emotion – and the factors that influence them”. The behavior aspect of the definition deals with the physical actions that us humans undergo, commencing from the second we wake up from sleep [...]