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Prenuptial Agreement or Right Living, Which Do You Need?

Everyone’s life path contains twists, turns, mountains and valleys. In fact, without this dichotomy how would we know happy from sad? But where, you ask yourself, does a prenuptial agreement fit into my upcoming happy marriage? The answer for the majority is simple: nowhere.

Prenuptial Agreements evolved from dowry (property and/or money) arrangements and wife/spousal protection post-death because women were not permitted to own property. Today, most folks draw upon this type of agreement to safeguard property, possessions and/or money from transference for divorce situations, but should they?

When considering a prenuptial agreement, ask yourself if you have a familial item that requires preservation for you or for your children. Can this item be replaced (like money, jewelry or a house)? Or, is this the house your great, great, great grandparents built?

If you live right and prioritize for health, happiness and love, then the right things happen. For instance, if you bankrolled wealth once, you can do it again and again because you know the formula.

If your beloved turns into your ex-beloved, would you reject the person for spite? Would that be right living? You agreed to share, so what turned the tables? And, frankly if you’re entertaining those ideas, I might be so bold as to suggest that you have other problems to face like should you be getting married in the first place. ‘No’ is only too late after ‘I do’ (even if inconveniently spoken at the alter).

Also be sure to consider your intended’s perspective prior to plunging forward. Many refer to prenuptial agreements as romance killers for a good reason. Trust cannot be purchased, it must be earned. And to earn it, you must be trustworthy in return. If you each are just half of the spouse you desire, then your marriage will continue to improve because of right living. And that happily ever after is worth agreeing to.