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Psychology Case Study

My Case Study is on Roger a twenty five-year-old male who is behaving in a strange and violent way. He has gotten progressively worse since his father’s death ten years ago. He believes his father was a highly sought after nuclear physicist and was murdered by the FBI, CIA and NASA; he also believes that his mother and brother are in on the conspiracy. He believes his mother is keeping from him a large inheritance and has even gone so far as to hire lawyers to sue her for this. He regularly calls the CIA, FBI and NASA and tells them “I know what’s going on”. At age twenty he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and it has gotten worse since then.

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He was only fourteen when his father died and he took it very hard. His father, a middle class man who owned a hardware store actually died of prostate cancer. As a child he was a little isolative and a little bit odd, but nothing out of the ordinary. It seems to me that Roger has always had somewhat of a problem, and it really came about as a severe psychological issue as a result of his fathers death.

If I were his clinician I would agree with the previous assessment of schizophrenia though it has gotten worse. I would recommend he be place in a hospital where he can be medicated and where he can begin to have some hope of leading a “normal” life. Once he is fully functional and is properly medicated I would recommend a nine to five therapy program to better enable him to interact with others. I would keep him in his mother’s custody and make sure he is properly medicated. I think that if we could keep him medicated then we could without a doubt have him lead a normal life.

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