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Psychology Piece of Reflection

Things I Think I have Learned In Lectures And Seminars

Throughout the course of this year I have attended seminars, during which an article about a certain area of psychology has been discussed and critically reviewed. In the seminar we first discuss what the article is about and what the question or problem is that the author is dealing with. We looked at what information the author had presented in the article and whether it was good,reliable information based on the source, quality and date. The author’s assumptions and positions on the topic were examined and the evidence they used. Next we assessed what the author did and how sound their methodology was, what they found and what they reported they found. The conclusions made were identified and whether or not this can be concluded was discussed. Alternative explanations for the results were discusssed and whether the author had answered their original question. Finally an overall conclusion is made on how reliable the article is and whether it is a useful source of information on this topic.

What I Consider To Be My Strenghts And Weaknesses

I consider one of my strengths to be that I am very conscientious and always start my work early so that I have enough time to check it thoroughly. I will start a piece of work as soon as I am given the deadline, firstly making rough notes, then more thorough research in different areas like journals from the libary and the internet and then planning the essay or report itself. The main problem with this is that it takes a lot of time and effort. Also i concentrate very highly on my work and spend a lot of time perfecting it.

One of my weaknesses is that i am a perfectionist and spend a lot of time on my work adding finishing touches and checking that I have got all the information I wanted in my essays or reports. This involves re-reading my work several times, and I only rarely make major changes to it so it is usually unecessary to check my work through as many times as I do. I consider another of my weaknesses to be that I take very thorough notes durinmg lectures and when reading books or journals which probably contain too much information.

How I Think i Can Improve On My Performance Next Year

I think one way in which I can improve my performance next year is by not making such thorough notes and learning how to pick out just the relevant information. I will try and not make my notes from lectures and books too in depth as they are only meant to be rough pieces of information. Another way I can improve my performance by learning how to use the library more effectively. At the moment I use OPAC to search for a title or topic of a book, then I write down the relevant numbers and look at those books, or i just search through the books to find something relevant. I normally end up with quite a lot of books with no information in at all, and only a few pages of relevant information.I feel it would be more beneficial to find a way of searching for only relevant information especially from the journals.

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