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Psychology Research Paper Topics

Writing research papers in Psychology is a very popular academic activity among students. Psychology research papers assigned in High School, College or University can be written on any topics. There are a lot of interesting topics you can write your Psychology research paper on.

Here’s a list of the best Psychology research paper topics. Feel free to pick up any topic for writing a good and effective research paper:

  • Behaviorism and Behaviorists
  • Bipolar Disorder and Syndrome
  • Cognitive Theory and Cognitive Development
  • Evaluating a Psychological Test
  • Development of Adolescence
  • Child Development and The Psychology of the Child
  • Charles Darwin and His Darwinism
  • Stress and the Workplace
  • Homosexuality and Brain Structure
  • Theory of Motivation
  • Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder
  • Youth Violence and its influence on Society
  • Managing Chronic Pain With Psychotherapy
  • Impact of Stimulants on Conditioning Behavior
  • Social Psychological Principles for Gang Reduction
  • Psychology of Jury Selection
  • Charles Bonnet Syndrome
  • Psychology as Science
  • Birth Order and Sexual Orientation
  • Development of Adult Children of Immigrants Who Survived Violent Parenting
  • Anxiety Disorder and its Treatment
  • Mental Illness and the Brain
  • The Origins of Intelligence in Children
  • Pavlov Theory
  • Personality Psychology

We hope all these Psychology research paper topics and ideas will help you to write your research paper and to get an A+ for it. Good luck!

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