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Honestly I don’t know what Psychology is about and what it means to me . I can use my common sense and say it’s about the mind and how the mind works, but I could be wrong. When I decided to take this course I didn’t know exactly what it was about . I just knew it had something to do with the mind and that’s what interests me. A Couple of my friends took this in high school and encouraged me to take it the course at school .I knew it was going to be an interesting course , anything dealing with the mind is interesting.

Psychology to me means working with people who are mentally disabled and giving them medication for their disorder. I now know that I am wrong. I was getting confused between psychiatry and psychology. Psychiatry is the branch of medicine that deals with mental disorders and Psychology deals with mental and behavior. I feel really embarrassed as a college student not knowing the difference between the two.

I started reading chapter one the first day I got the book. I was anxious to see what it was about. As I read some of the questions I had were being answered in the first couple of pages. I kept reading and recognized psychology as a study . Psychologist research and come to conclusions about a population threw certain studies and research; I didn’t know that Psychology had anything to do with research. To me psychologist just sit in an office evaluating if you have a problem based on your behavior.

As I continued to read I sat on my sofa and thought about what psychology meant to me . I think Psychology means to understand a person for what who they are and why that person does certain things or why that person thinks the way they think. Listening . I believe that listening and reading between the lines are key factors in Psychology.

Since Psychology is the study of the mind and is a science , I don’t think Psychologist just work with people. I think they also work with and animals as well. I understand what Psychology is about just by reading the first couple of pages in the text book. I know there is a great deal of information about psychology I will learn in this course.

Taking this course is important to me because I am amazed on how our mind works and why people do things a certain way . I also want to know why I think certain ways sometimes or why I act a certain way . I think the mind is a great tool and learning how it works is what I think Psychology is to me. I want to be able to look at someone and have an idea why that person acts that way and learn the personality of that person in a short time. I hope I learn several new things about psychology and then I can really sit down and know what psychology means to me.

What is Psychology to me ? It is how the mind works and the behavior of a person or animal using research , analysis, and the scientific method.

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