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The purpose of this paper is to explain my desire to pursue a career as a psychologist.

The reason I chose psychology, as my possible career, is I would love the opportunity to help people and give advice to them. It is an amazing feeling to have someone feel they can trust and confide in you with their feelings and problems. In return you get to offer advice and have the feeling that you may be able to help someone or even possibly change his or her life. I am already aware that it takes a lot of schooling, patience, and money to enter this field. This has not affected my decision on this career.

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The schooling in which is necessary depends on what division on branch that one goes into. However, College is a mandatory part of it to at least some degree. The smallest branch you can go into, not including other training classes, is at bachelors degree level. Other possible schooling includes internships, vocational study, and many hand on opportunities. Some divisions of psychology may need different classes or degrees. Degrees include: Doctoral, P.H.D. degree, Masters, Educational Specialist degree, and many others. The main classes to major in when thinking about a career such as this include biological, physical, and social sciences, statistics, and mathematics. All together the total years for schooling can be up to 8+ years. When looking for schools to attend for this study the best ones are located in areas such as California, Pennsylvania, and even Florida. Schools such as California State, Chestnut Hill College, Abilene Christian University, and some Florida State university classes.

There are many different skills that may be helpful for this career but most are mental. Psychologists have to be very mentally strong. Stress can be hard for both the patient and the doctor but with the doctor listening to others problems and trying to offer comfort the need to be stable. Mentally, there has to be a line where work stays at work otherwise it can be very stressful. Physical skills are also needed because, depending on which branch of counseling, patients may get very physical themselves.

Psychologists are needed everywhere because there is such a wide variety of jobs for them. There are many different types of psychologists that include counseling for hospitals, schools, federal, and many others. I would not be required to relocate but in my personal decision I most likely would, to a bigger area where more offices may be opened and be more helpful due to a more populated area. Also, most of the time when going into the branch of counseling psychology, as I wish to do, the doctor sets up their own hours and prices, the bigger the area they better chance of business.

Salary has a wide range in this career. As with other things, the money depends on which branch and on experience. The branch of counseling psychologist, in which I want, the salary ranges from $21,900- $72,830+ per year depending on experience over time and where I would be doing my practice. The best paying is within the federal government, and clinical areas. This pay as compared to the amount spent on schooling is more over a period of time. It would cost a good amount to be sent through the years of college but it can be easily earned back if you stay with it and are successful.

My overall opinion on this career, after doing research on it, remains the same. Studying this practice has made me more determined that ever to want to follow through with it. I understand all the time that would be invested in this career and feel it would be a great experience for me.

In conclusion, I feel that this career is right for me. I have always been someone to give advice to people. Many people come to me asking for help. I understand everything necessary for the career and am excited about following through with it. Once my mind is set on someone I am determined to follow through with it. As far as the amount of schooling needed, it only makes me smarter.

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