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Should College Students Be Required to Take Physical Education Courses?

There are various opinions concerning the importance of physical education at colleges. On the one hand, physical education is considered to be a crucial element of education and a guarantee of success. On the other hand, there is an opinion that physical education should not be an obligatory discipline.

Benefits of physical exercise are well known all around the world. Thus, physical education does not only allow students to develop their physical abilities and take care of their body, but it is also closely related to academic achievements of students. However, we may still witness negative attitude towards physical education, which is often considered to be an extracurricular activity that should not distract students from their main specialty.

That is why prominent researchers and leading physical education teachers unite their efforts in order to prove that physical education should be understood as an inevitable element of academic success. Such position of physical education teachers is neither a caprice nor a desire to add seriousness to their subject. Participants of the American Heart Association 2010 Conference on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism revealed facts, which prove that physical education is closely connected with academic success of students. It is remarkable that similar findings concerning positive relations of students’ academic success and physical exercise were achieved as a result of numerous longitudinal studies.

In conclusion, it should be said that physical education courses should not be viewed as extracurricular activities. Moreover, it is vital to understand that physical activities influence students’ achievements directly and, therefore, they should not be separated from general educational process.

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