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Simulated Violence Essay

When I was about three of four years old I started playing with toy weapons. I didn’t even know that video games existed until I was about six or seven. At that time video games became a big part of my life. Every day I would get home and start playing them until my parents made me stop or until I went to bed. These games ranged from sports and violence to strategy. I was mostly attracted to the games with the most violence and therefore that’s all I played. I am now 17 and I have not killed nor harmed anyone since I started playing these games.

Many people believe that video games cause violence in kids and adults. Psychologists have done numerous amounts of experiments on whether video games and violence are related, but have found that it is extremely hard to come up with a theory.

Crimes are committed by people and in order to figure out why they caused these crimes, you have to get into their heads. Psychologists are brought in to examine criminals everyday and most of the time they find it impossible to diagnose them.

It is hard for me to even think of video games causing violence. I believe that if they do cause some sort of violence then there has to be two factors involved, environmental and psychological. In order for a video game to actually change someone enough for them to become violent, some sort of psychological disorder is needed. Someone doesn’t just wake up one day and play a video game and decide that they want to kill someone. It just doesn’t happen that way. If a person of any age has had some problems in life that have contributed to violence and then later went and played a video game, the video game could cause him to experience those negative feelings again and possibly cause him to become violent. If a person that has never had any psychological disorders started getting into violent video games, he might experience some excitement but not to the extent of becoming violent. Not only does the participator have to have a psychological disorder he also has to be in the perfect environment. If someone with a troubled past decides to play some violent video games and decided he wants to kill someone then the environment has to be perfect. If he is playing a game with guns and he decides that he will shoot whoever he wants with a gun he will need a gun in order to fulfill his urge. This is when the environmental factor kicks in. If he needs some sort of weapon and his dad happens to have one in his room then it becomes easier and more convenient for him to go kill.

The video game industry created ways to make it more convenient for people to buy video games. If a parent wants to go buy a video game for their kids, they can go to the store and view it on a screen to see what they think about it. The video game industry also puts parental warning stickers on the covers. These tell you what ages should be playing these games and which ages it its inappropriate for. If parents choose to ignore these disclaimers and buy games for their ten year old kids that are meant for teens, then they have no one to blame but themselves if their kids become disturbed by it.
There is no way anyone could link video games and violence together. First of all, it is impossible to tell what is going on in a persons head that causes them to become violent. And second of all, people need to realize that there has to be other factors involved. If you think about it, sometimes we ourselves don’t even know why we do things, so how can we expect others to figure it out for us.
If video games were to cause violence, then there would be some way to prove it. Video games are a form of entertainment just like music and movies, yet video games get blamed for causing violence more then the other forms of media. I think that it is possible for a person to become violent if he is constantly in the presence of violent movies, video games, magazines, and friends. Friends can also be a major factor that causes violence. If you hang out with the wrong crowd, it can lead you to do things which you usually don’t do.

Violence needs certain factors in order for it to happen. In my opinion, a person that has some psychological problems and the perfect environment is more likely to become more dangerous or violent while playing a video game or watching a movie, then someone who has no major problems and is not in the presence of weapons. People need to realize that the video game industry try to help out by putting warnings on their games and that if they choose to ignore it then it is their fault for buying them.

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