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Professional Development Research Paper

The Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary (1998) defines a nurse as ‘ a person trained and experienced in nursing matters and entrusted with the care of the sick and the carrying out of medical and surgical routines. ‘ In reality, however, nursing is much more than the physical and medical areas of health care it is [...]

Bullying Research Paper

In 1997, the British Columbia Ministry of Education collaborated with the Ministry of Attorney General and began a Safe Schools Initiative that addressed student safety in BC schools and communities. In December, these two ministries opened a Safe Schools Center that provides information, resource materials, and examples of successful practices to address safety issues such [...]

Cognitive Development Research Paper

Most learning theories concentrate and show particular events and conditions that are essential in the learning, that is acquisition of knowledge, language, and other specific skills. We saw this first in Classical Conditioning of Pavlov, and Operant Conditioning of F. W. Skinner, and later on in Cognitive theories of Bandura. First two theories emphasize on [...]