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Psychology essay

Psychology as defined in Segal and Kegan’s book on psychology is the “systematic study of behavior and mental process – including thought and emotion – and the factors that influence them”. The behavior aspect of the definition deals with the physical actions that us humans undergo, commencing from the second we wake up from sleep [...]


Honestly I don’t know what Psychology is about and what it means to me . I can use my common sense and say it’s about the mind and how the mind works, but I could be wrong. When I decided to take this course I didn’t know exactly what it was about . I just [...]

Psychology: Can it be Regarded as a Science?

Psychology is defined as a scientific discipline, designed to study and understand the behavior of humans and other species. While Science, in its own text, is defined as the systematic study and knowledge of natural or physical phenomena. Achieving this understanding is an infinite quest for all scientists, psychologists and even for us humans. It [...]

Psychology of Agression

In what ways can a Sport Psychologist understand aggression in sport? Aggression is present in many sports across the world, which as a result of this has been of interest to psychologists for a long time. Aggression can be seen in all aspects of sport from professionals to armatures. One reason why aggression is apart [...]

Mind vs. Medicine

Since as far back as when the great Greek Philosopher Aristotle studied the workings of human emotions, learning, and perception, scientists and doctors alike have been interested in the mysterious workings of the human mind. Across various nations, the studies of the brain developed and expanded as technology and science created new and innovated ways [...]