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Psychology essay

Psychology as defined in Segal and Kegan’s book on psychology is the “systematic study of behavior and mental process – including thought and emotion – and the factors that influence them”. The behavior aspect of the definition deals with the physical actions that us humans undergo, commencing from the second we wake up from sleep [...]


Honestly I don’t know what Psychology is about and what it means to me . I can use my common sense and say it’s about the mind and how the mind works, but I could be wrong. When I decided to take this course I didn’t know exactly what it was about . I just [...]

Psychology: Can it be Regarded as a Science?

Psychology is defined as a scientific discipline, designed to study and understand the behavior of humans and other species. While Science, in its own text, is defined as the systematic study and knowledge of natural or physical phenomena. Achieving this understanding is an infinite quest for all scientists, psychologists and even for us humans. It [...]

Essay on Clinical Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists specialise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of psychological and general health problems affecting children, adolescents, adults and families” (Grivas 2000). All of us have problems at some time. There is no escaping that in some cases we might develop some emotion problems these can range from depression to [...]

Psychology Essay Questions

When you are faced with difficult psychology essay questions, remember that your key to success is research. Many students struggle with developing the right research for qualified answers to psychology essay questions because they find that many peer-reviewed sources do not demonstrate the relationship needed for the accurate answers to the questions. However, it is [...]