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Women’s Movement Essay Example

Equality movements are often scary creatures. While many start with the best intentions, they often replace “equality” with goals well beyond the scope of original ones.

While no one would be likely to confuse the National Organization of Women with superiority movements, one might effectively argue that NOW and other women’s organizations’ actions have on occasion exceeded mandates. Controversial actions tend to be divisive, frequently liberal, and too often reflect limited interests. This makes it difficult to respond to the topic question in general terms. While one may attest to benefits that accrued to men as a result of the women’s movement, it is not certain that all goals pursued by the movement have had the best interest of all women, let alone men, at heart.

Results of several Women’s Movement efforts demonstrate how much it has helped both men and women. These include the gradual elimination of glass ceiling at work, the growth of pay equality across gender lines, and the establishment of job protection as a standard maternity benefit. These are meritorious outcomes. More and more jobs go to persons most equipped, with gender no longer a consideration. With pay equality, there is no longer a cheaper gender to hire to save businesses personnel funds. Moreover, with greater competition among an increased worker pool, the quality of work improves; and that benefits all. While some may argue that men still dominate upper management, one might also suggest that it is a matter of time until women break through the glass ceiling more frequently. Until more women have risen through the ranks per guidelines applied equally to men and women, it is not unexpected that men’s advancement should be a duly earned reward for hard work and greater seniority. Men now are able to opt for paternity leave as a consequence of women’s successful battle for maternity leave.

In sum, until the Women’s Movement’s goals are better defined, it is difficult to posit that it has consistently benefited men. However, the elimination of gender barriers has been a universal good.